Occupational Interest

The Occupational Interest inventory identifies the type of career interests that you have. During the assessment, our system develops this career profile by presenting you with different types of careers, which you must rank in order of your preference. The assessment will help you to establish where your true career vocation lies – Computational, Science, Mechanical, Medical etc.

Understand your Career Interests – Discover your vocation in life

The AnalyzeMyCareer Occupational Interest Assessment is organised in the following steps:

  • In each of 9 different tables, you rank a basket of 12 careers in order of preference from 1 to 12.
  • A profile of your career interests is developed as you progress through the assessment.
  • On completion of the assessment, the system intelligently matches your career preferences with the table of occupational categories outlined below.
  • An individualised report, developed by Dr. Lankford, is created giving you a detailed description of your career orientation.
  • The AnalyzeMyCareer database, containing over 1500 career descriptions, is queried to find matches for your career orientation.
  • A detailed description of each matching occupation is provided.
  • If you wish to do a career assessment that takes account of your aptitude, personality and occupational interests a more detailed career profile will be developed, then please review our Expert Opinion option.

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