Expert Opinion Gold

The gold subscription is the most complete career assessment available. All facets of your career are analyzed – an Occupational Interest Inventory, a Personality test, Aptitude tests and an Entrepreneurial Index are combined into one package saving you 40% off the cost of the individual components.

“Expert Opinion” Gold offers the following key benefits:

  • Cost effective: save 40% off purchasing the components individually
  • All assessments included in one package: aptitude tests, occupational interest inventory, personality test and the entrepreneurial index
  • A simple, cost effective way to get sound career advice
  • An ideal way to prepare for upcoming aptitude tests
  • Reveals your natural aptitude strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishes your real career interests using the occupational interest inventory
  • Discovers your personality type using the personality test
  • Analyzes your entrepreneurial abilities
  • Professional reports based on your scores

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