Entrepeneurial Index

Know your own EI – Unlock your entrepreneurial potential

The EI index has been devised by Dr. Cormac Lankford, Phd in Entrepreneurship, and has helped over 1000 leading entrepreneurs to more fully understand their capabilities.

The EI index analyzes entrepreneurial qualities by building a Career Profile and a Psychological Profile of the candidate. The Entrepreneurial qualities interrogated by each profile are outlined below.

Candidates will be presented with a separate report on the results from each component of the index. A total of 10 reports are created to evaluate the candidate.

Career Profile

  • Planning
    Is your ability to plan compatible with entrepreneurs?
  • Occupational Functions
    Pick the right people to implement your vision
  • Goal Setting
    To what extent do your goals match your vision?
  • Problem Solving
    Do you have the problem solving mind-set capable of driving an enterprise?
  • Vocational Interests
    Do your vocational interests match those of entrepreneurs?

Psychological Profile

  • Control by Chance
    Establishes how you balance risk and opportunity.
  • Control by Powerful Others
    What part do “powerful others” play in your life?
  • Internal Locus of Control
    Do you control your own destiny?
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity
    What is your attitude to thriving on chaos?
  • Self-Appraisal
    Assess your inner strengths and weaknesses

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