Aptitude Tests

There are several different tests, which uniquely identify your aptitude ability: numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial relations, verbal reasoning, language usage and spelling.

The Aptitude Testing service at AnalyzeMyCareer.com is an exciting service that allows you to take professionally designed and certified career tests online so you can:

  • Determine what careers you are best suited to
  • Find out your best performing aptitude
  • Explore and learn the format of most common aptitude test formats
  • Take a trial run at aptitude tests before major job interviews
  • Get your tests corrected in real time
  • Receive instant feedback through our reporting center

In addition to providing a full suite of aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, spatial relation, verbal reasoning, spelling, language usage, the top 5 careers matching your profile are identified and described.

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