Numerical Reasoning Preview

This is a test that examines your ability to reason with numbers. During the test you will be presented with numerical problems, which you must solve. If necessary, work out your answer on rough paper.

Do not use a calculator. Look at all possible answers and decide which answer is best.

Some of the problems have no correct answer listed. If you do not find a correct answer select the option “Not given”.

  • Choose the best answer by selecting its corresponding button.
  • There are 27 questions in this test.
  • The test must be completed within the time limit of 20 minutes.
1.The boundary of a square field measures 240 meters. What is the area of the field?
2.18/30 =
3.If $1 = £1.60, then $40 =
4.If 5/6 = x/18 then x =
5.What must be added to 2 and 5/6 (two and five sixths) to make 6 and 1/6?