Expert Opinion Subscription

This subscription enables you to analyze all dimensions of your career choices – Aptitude tests, an Occupational Interest Inventory and a Personality Test and are combined into one package.

“Expert Opinion” offers the following unique benefits:

  • An ideal way to prepare for upcoming aptitude tests
  • Reveals your natural aptitude strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishes your real career interests using the occupational interest inventory
  • Discovers your personality type using the personality test
  • On completion of tests, top 5 careers matching your profile are identified and described

Aptitude Tests

  1. Abstract Reasoning Preview
  2. Mechanical Reasoning Preview
  3. Space Relations Preview
  4. Verbal Reasoning Preview
  5. Numerical Reasoning Preview
  6. Language Usage Preview
  7. Spelling Preview

Occupational Tests

  1. Occupational Interests 1 - Preview
  2. Occupational Interests 2 - Preview

Personality Test

  1. Personality Test Preview